Oregon Mom Surprised To Find 12-Year-Old Daughter Reading Erotic Stories on iPad


An Oregon mother has voiced concerns about her daughter’s use of a school-provided iPad after finding that her 12-year-old was accessing erotic stories on the device.

The Forest Grove mother, identified as Sarah, said she was going through her daughter’s browser history when she discovered that her daughter had found a way to look at erotic stories on the website Wattpad, despite school security measures, according to the Blaze.

“She was reading erotica along with a lot of the other kids,” Sarah told KATU-TV. Additionally, the 12-year-old girl was reportedly sending pictures of herself and “having relations” online, Sarah said.

She said her daughter was given the iPad by the Neil Armstrong Middle School as part of a pilot program last year. Sarah added that she tried to keep her daughter from accessing content she deemed inappropriate online by taking the iPad from her on a regular basis.

“I was shocked!” Sarah said. “It was not something you expect a 12-year-old to look at, or to talk about, or to want to do or anything. She’s still a little girl.”

School principal Brandon Hundley said that the school continuously adds more sites to a blocked list, but problems still arise when students explore the internet.

“There is no way to ensure absolute security on a technology device,” Hundley told WATU. “As we develop our program as others schools are doing the same, we will continue to focus on teaching and training our students in the appropriate ways to use technology to support their learning, keep themselves safe and leave as small and limited a digital footprint as possible.

Sarah said she has confiscated the iPad and is unsure whether she will allow her daughter to use it again.

Source: The Blaze, KATU-TV, healthychildren.org


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