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'I Was Shocked': Bags Of Marijuana Found In Child's Easter Basket

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An Oregon mother was surprised to find three bags of marijuana inside her child’s Easter present on Sunday.

Christina Marie Hannahs said her family opened up the present on Easter morning and found some of the pieces missing. Instead of candy, she found multiple bags of marijuana.

“I was shocked, at first I was like, I kind of laughed and was like oh my gosh, I cannot believe this even came out of there,” Hannahs told KATU.

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When she found the second and third bags, Hannahs put the box away so her daughter couldn’t get to it.

“She ended up going for the box,” Hannahs said. “And once she grabbed the box, the box rolled over and two more small bags fell out of it.”

Hannahs believes the gift had been purchased and then returned to the Walmart store by someone else.

Hannahs later filed a police report concerning the event.

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In response to the faulty product, Walmart simply replied that it is dedicated to providing safe and secure shopping environments for its customers. The chain will work with the Hannahs and local authorities to determine the cause of the unusual product, according to Walmart Media Relations Senior Manager Aaron Mullins. 

Sources: KATU, The Huffington Post / Photo Credit: KATU


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