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Oregon Militia Member Promises 'Bloodbath' And 'Armageddon' (Video)

An unidentified Oregon militia man promised there would be a "bloodbath" and "Armageddon" on Jan. 27 because the media has been ordered away from a wildlife refuge occupied by the militia, and federal agents are moving in (video below).

“The media has been ordered to leave, and that means they are coming to kill us and they don’t want them to see that,” the armed militia man shouts into a camera, notes “They’re going to murder all of us and the media are cowards!”

The man and looks to be guarding some construction equipment that is operating nearby and holds what appears to be an assault rifle.

"The media has been hoping for a bloodbath this whole time we've been here," he yells. "Now, there’s going to be one and they're running? They’re told to run? Because the feds don’t want them to know who is murdering us! American people better wake up, get here and fight for your country! Right now! It is on!”

The video comes from a live broadcast from the DefendYourBase YouTube channel.

Later in the video, the man shouts, "All you military that's been fighting for your country overseas, you can fight for your country right here in America! Get here, get some! This is history in the making.”

“There are no laws in this United States now," he adds. “This is a free-for-all Armageddon. Any LEO or military or law enforcement or feds that stand up and f--- their oath, don’t abide by their oath, are the enemy! If they stop you from getting here, kill them!”

Ammon Bundy, a leader of the militia men who was arrested on Jan. 26 along with seven others, told the remaining men to go home on Jan. 27, reports Reuters.

"To those remaining at the refuge, I love you," Bundy said via his lawyer. "Let us take this fight from here. Please stand down. Please stand down. Go home and hug your families ... Please go home."

Militia man Jason Patrick told the news service: "I don’t know what surrendering looks like. They’re walking through the checkpoint and going home. That's what I've heard unless I'm being lied to."

"It's getting emptier over time, some people leaving, some people still there holding onto what they’re holding onto."

Sources:, Reuters / Photo Credit: via YouTube Screenshot

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