Oregon Man Reportedly Fired For Flying Mississippi Flag

A man in Oregon may have been recently fired for flying the Mississippi flag on his truck, reports KPTV.

Russell Smith recently flew the flag — which includes the Confederate emblem — along with the American flag on the back of his truck to his workplace. That same day, his supervisor at Modern Building Systems asked that Smith take down the Mississippi flag because of a complaint from a coworker, according to Fox 12.

“He said, ‘If you want to fly it you’ll have to park out here (off company property) and walk in, or if you want to drive in (on company property) you have to take your flags down,” Smith explained to the station what he was told.

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Adamant on flying the flag of his native state, Smith decided to follow his supervisor’s orders and park his car off the company’s property the next day. While he heard no further complaints, at the end of the day, he was called in and fired, Fox 12 documents.

“Shocked, I’ve been here for over five years now, irritated, just disbelief,” Smith remarked to Fox 12. “I was born in Biloxi, Mississippi, I’m proud of where I’m from. My forefathers died for our flag, my grandfather, other people — there’s been a lot of bloodshed over this and I’m just going to take a stand. Nobody is going to take my flag away. Period.”

Smith is now considering legal action. He claimed he had been flying a variety of flags — including the Confederate flag itself — for the last couple of years and never heard any objections, Fox 12 reports.

“It’s my heritage, not hate,” the man stated to Fox 12.

The Confederate emblem has recently gotten other people across the country in trouble. A man in Alabama was flying the Confederate flag on his truck when we went in to work and claims he was fired because of it, according to News 5. Additionally, a sergeant in the North Charleston Police Department in South Carolina was allegedly fired over a recent Facebook photo of him clad in boxer shorts depicting the Confederate emblem, reports CNET.

Sources: Fox 12, News 5, CNET / Photo Sources: Stuart Seeger/Flickr


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