Oregon Man Panhandles For Kidney


Oregon man Kevin Gray began panhandling on the side of the road for a new kidney after he was diagnosed with nephropathy.

Since his diagnosis, he has been unable to find a match, but hopes that someone will be kind enough to donate one.

The sign Gray holds includes a link to his Facebook page, where people can sign up as live kidney donors.

"It's not just about me. It's about having people sign up to be donors. Just one person stopping makes it worth standing out here." said Gray.

Though he continues to panhandle, Gray often becomes tired because of his deteriorating health, only to continue his day at his part-time job at a manufacturing company. After dialysis treatment, he often does not have the strength to pick up his youngest daughter.

According to Gray, many people have signed up to be live organ donors because of the attention given to his cause by social media.

Sources: UPI, Liberty Voice


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