Oregon Man Donald Easley Shoots And Kills Second Neighbor In Four Years, No Arrest Made Yet (Video)


Donald Easley must be a popular figure in his Kerby, Oregon, neighborhood, with his warm and friendly good neighbor policy and all.

The 64-year old Easley shot a neighbor dead on his property in 2009. Last Saturday, he killed again. The victim, Leron Estes, 59, another neighbor.

"I saw my husband run and try to get away from the fence,” the victim’s wife, Barbara Hicks, told local TV station KOBI. “And I saw the hand come through that hole that fence with the gun and fired 3 shots and the third shot hit my husband in the back.”

Police, however, are still investigating the shooting and as of Wednesday morning, no arrest has been reported in the death of Estes (seen in picture at right).

Estes and his family were embroiled in an ongoing dispute with Easley, though the nature of that dispute is not entirely clear. Hicks filed a complaint against Easley for stalking in September of last year, but dropped the issue after a month.

On August 30 of this year, Easley took out a restraining order against Estes, for reasons that remain publicly unknown.

In 2009, Easley shot and killed another neighbor, Kenneth Vaughn, then 60 years old. Vaughn, whom other neighbors describe as mentally unstable, was the previous owner of Easley’s property. The two got into some sort of confrontation on the property and Vaughn was killed by a gunshot.

No witnesses saw what happened. But a grand jury must have believed Easley when he said he killed Vaughn in self-defense, because the shooting was ruled justified and Easley was free to go.

Police say whatever happened four years ago has no bearing on the investigation into the killing of Estes.

“Each individual case is going to be different in nature,” Detective Sergeant Jeff Fitzgerald of Oregon’s state Criminal Investigations Division said. “That’s why it’s really important for us to go through all the information that we have – the history between the two neighbors – before we make some type of determination on the shooting and whether it was justified or not.”

But that's not good enough for Estes widow.

“I want him to be in prison,” said Hicks, who also said that she lives in fear of Easley. “I want him to go to jail for the rest of his life for murdering my husband.”



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