Oregon Man Catches Thief After Installing Network Of Cameras Throughout Neighborhood


Many of Bob Spicher Jr.’s neighbors weren’t happy about him installing a network of 32 security cameras on their block.

Homeowners in the Portland, Ore., neighborhood thought it raised privacy concerns.

Spicher, who monitors all the cameras from his home, says that all changed last weekend.

With a handgun drawn, Spicher confronted a thief, who had his arms filled stolen goods, at 3 a.m. Saturday morning. The suspect ran away.

Aaron Jones, 27, was arrested down the street from Spicher’s home for possession of meth and a probation violation.

Portland police commended Spicher for his work.

He installed the cameras using money from his inheritance. His father passed away four years ago and he says he was inspired to make his neighborhood safer.

"'Our piece of Earth' my Dad said out here," Spicher told KOIN-TV.

"Not everybody was all about it at first. They were wondering what I was up to, maybe if I had an ulterior motive," he said.

"It makes you feel a lot safer," neighbor Maxine Hertel told KOIN-TV. "If anything happens, then you can just ask him and he'll go back and run the tape and see if he can find out anything."

Sources: KOIN-TVCBS News

Image Screenshot: KOIN-TV 


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