Oregon Man Arrested For Sexual Abuse Against Grandmother, Uncle


A Portland, Oregon man has been arrested for sexually assaulting both his 82-year-old grandmother and his 49-year-old uncle. 

Willie Andre Johnson had already been registered as a sex offender when he committed the attack against his family members in the house where they were living. He had previously been convicted of first-degree rape. 

According to the Inquistr, Johnson was charged in this incident with first-degree attempted rape, first-degree unlawful sexual penetration, two counts of first degree sex abuse, first-degree kidnapping and fourth-degree assault.

After carrying out his sexual abuse on his family members, Johnson allegedly fled from the house. Police searched for Johnson until the following morning, where they located him at a nearby McDonald’s restaurant around 5:30 a.m. He was sent to the Multnomah County Detention Center. 

In its research regarding instances of sexual abuse on the elderly, The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape found that only about 30% of elder sexual abuse victims report their crimes. In this instance, Johnson’s uncle was primarily responsible for helping stop the attacker.

“[Johnson] came in and attacked his grandmother in bed,” said Portland Police Bureau spokesman Pete Simpson, “and then went and attacked his uncle. The uncle was more physically able to fight back and get him out of the house.”

The National Elder Abuse Incidence Study of 1998 also found that “approximately 67% of elder sexual abusers were family members.”'

Johsnon's arraignment is scheduled for Monday, July 7.

Sources: Inquisitr, Nursing Home Abuse Guide


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