'Their Motherly Instincts Kicked In': Oregon Dogs Take In Orphaned Kitten Found In Couple's Backyard (Photos)


An Oregon family’s two female guard dogs reportedly adopted an orphaned kitten after they discovered it in the family’s backyard.

Tiffany Hull, owner of both dogs, recalled that her Kelpie mix Chaos had brought a kitten into her Mount Vernon, Oregon, home recently, the Associated Press reports. Chaos entered the house with the kitten in her mouth without harming it, despite being a known hunter of chipmunks and birds.

When Hull’s boyfriend found the kitten, he put it back on the other side of the fence where he thought the mother might be. However, Hull and her boyfriend found the kitten in a pile of leaves the next day.

With no sign of the mother, Hull and her boyfriend took the kitten into their home and wrapped it in fleece blankets. At the time, the kitten was only 1 week old and hadn’t even opened its eyes.

Chaos would constantly keep guard of the kitten, who slept in a shoebox, and would growl at the couple’s other dog -- a half-lab, half-pit bull mix named Atilla -- if it got too close. Now, however, both dogs are happily taking care of the kitten.

Both dogs often lick and clean the kitten before snuggling him.

“I think their motherly instincts kicked in,” Hull told the AP.

For the past five weeks, Hull has bottle-fed the kitten, which the couple named Jake. He is now reportedly thriving.

Hull found out this month that she is pregnant with her first child. She hopes the dogs will love and protect her baby as much as they do Jake. 

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(Atilla with the kitten Jake. Photo Credit: Angel Carpenter/AP)

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(Kelpie mix Chaos with the kitten Jake. Photo Credit: Angel Carpenter/AP via Daily Mail)

Sources: Daily Mail, AP via The Seattle Times / Photo Credit: AP via Daily Mail


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