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Oregon Deputy Arrests Man for 'Crime' of Filming Him (Video)

In Klamath Falls, Oregon, an unidentified man was recently filming a traffic stop when he was arrested by a sheriff’s deputy who claimed it was a "crime" to record him.

According to, the sheriff’s deputy had pulled over the man’s girlfriend for a traffic violation, which the man was filming from some distance away (video below).

The sheriff’s deputy asks the man his name, but the man replied, "That’s not relevant at all."

"Is that recording me right now?" asks the sheriff’s deputy.

After the man confirms he's recording, the sheriff’s deputy tells him, "Put your hands behind your back... It’s a crime to record me."

After the man says it's not a crime, the sheriff’s deputy says, "Turn around now."

However, federal courts and the U.S. Department of Justice have maintained that it is legal to film police as long you're not interfering with their work, notes The U.S Supreme Court has refused to hear or overturn any cases in which law enforcement has tried to prosecute people for filming them.

The man, who was arrested, wrote an update on his YouTube page:

No charges no citation no warnings nothing but an illegal search. I told them I do not consent to searches and in turn they turned out my pockets and stuck me in the back of a cop car for 30 minutes.

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