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Oregon Deputies Admit They're Going to be Sued, Accidentally Record Themselves (Video)

Steve Hindi, founder of the animal rights group Showing Animals Respect & Kindness (SHARK), was pulled over by two Malheur County sheriff's deputies in Oregon on May 19.

Hindi had just documented what he claimed is animal cruelty at the Big Loop Rodeo in Jordan Valley, Oregon.

However, after the rodeo while he was driving away, he was stopped by the deputies.

In an unusual twist, Hindi posted his video (below) of the traffic stop and the deputies' dashcam video (below) after the stop, which shows them clearly worried about making the traffic stop on behalf of the "rodeo board."

Hindi obtained the dashcam video via the Freedom Of Information Act, noted

In Hindi's video, a deputy claims that he failed to “provide identification” after “trespassing” at the rodeo. Hindi says he paid a $10 for a ticket to enter the rodeo, which never accused him of trespassing while he was there.

At one point, a deputy asks if Hindi is filming him, which he obviously is. The deputy then warns Hindi that recording officers is not allowed in Oregon without notification.

Hindi tells the deputy that he can clearly see his camera and his recording is not illegal.

After the stop, the deputies return to their cruiser, but forget to turn off their dashcam, which records their self-incriminating conversation.

“He’s already going to get lawyers... This guy’s the real deal. This guy is the one that posted everything last year on his site,” says one deputy.

“Here’s the problem, they [the rodeo] didn’t trespass him when we were there… they asked him to leave. Well, even so, we’re going off what we were told.”

“I didn’t want to stop the man. God, we’re gonna get sued,” says the second deputy.

“Perhaps you’re right,” adds the first deputy.

“We’re gonna be in a world of hurt here. It’s all because of that rodeo board. you know that, right?” says the second deputy, who then suddenly realizes the dashcam is still on, “dammit I was still recording!”



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