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Oregon Democratic Party Supports Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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By "Radical" Russ Belville

According to Anthony Johnson, co-author and co-chief petitioner of Oregon’s Measure 74, the state’s Democratic Party has endorsed the massage of the citizen initiative to create a regulated supply system for medical marijuana.

As reported in the Oregon Politico, the support of the Democratic party in this so-called “blue state” is a huge benefit to the Measure 74 campaign. Johnson believes the party support will help by getting the word out to more voters about the need to enact this system, primarily to help low-income and needy patients access their medicine without turning to the black market.

The Democratic Party may be leveraging the overwhelming support among the young, the politically progressive, and registered Democrats for the issue of medical marijuana in order to tip the race for governor. Democratic candidate and former governor John Kitzhaber trails Republican candidate and former NBA center Chris Dudley 49% to 44% in the latest Rasmussen poll. also notes that the normally safe House seat of Democrat David Wu may be “competitive”.

While Oregon is entirely a vote-by-mail state, Democrats may be counting on their voters’ support for Measure 74 to increase turn-in of the ballots in an election where Democrats are suffering what CBS News termed an “enthusiasm gap”.


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