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Oregon Couple Demands Medical Marijuana During Paranoid 8-Hour Standoff (Video)

When Oregon police tried to arrest a man on two parole violations Saturday, a bizarre eight-hour standoff followed during which the man and his girlfriend made paranoid claims, flashed private parts at police and demanded medical marijuana, Mountain Dew and cigarettes.

James Marco Bryan and his girlfriend Carrie Hurley, both 44, refused to come out of Hurley’s Clatskanie home Saturday, according to local reports.

Bryan has been arrested on drug possession, DUI, reckless endangerment and weapons charges. Thursday night, Bryan allegedly snuck into the Clatskanie Police Department’s parking lot and popped tires on police cars.

When police attempted to arrest him Saturday on two warrants for reckless driving and absconding, SWAT teams and local police surrounded the home.

Instead of coming out, Byran and Hurley called local TV stations and told them that the police wanted to kill them.

"They want me to come out so they can come in and shoot him or they can shoot me if I come out," Hurley told KATU-TV. "They're corrupt and we've got them by the [expletive] and they don't even know what's going on.”

"I need cigarettes. I'm smoking butts in my house. I need some cigarettes thrown up here so I can calm down in this situation," Hurley complained to the station.

“They won’t let anyone bring me medical marijuana,” she said, adding it’s “the only thin that makes me feel OK.”

The couple hung out of a window during the standoff, shouting and making obscene gestures. At one point Bryan can be seen holding a power drill. He also exposed his genitals to police, Clatskanie Police Chief Marvin Hoover told The Oregonian.

"He was kicking out windows, yelling and screaming, standing in the window making gestures with his penis and showing his buttocks in the nude," Hoover said. "At one point, he was wanting a pack of cigarettes, a Mountain Dew, some marijuana."

Police got them out of the home by firing tear gas into the house.

Inside they found plywood signs the couple had prepared which had obscene and paranoid message about police corruption. The N-word and white supremacy messages were written on some.

Bryan was charged with resisting arrest, public indecency and criminal mischief.

Hurley was arrested for hindering prosecution.

The couple is being held at Columbia County Jail.

"I'm glad nobody was hurt," Hoover said late Saturday, "and that we still have a jail in Columbia County."

Sources: KATU-TV, The Oregonian


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