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Oregon Couple Confronts Woman Who Allegedly Stole Their Credit Card

After someone stole her husband’s credit card and spent hundreds of dollars with it, an Oregon woman took matters into her own hands and confronted the alleged thief.

When her husband’s credit card company sent a fraudulent purchase alert to Courtney Porter of Salem, Oregon, she realized the spender stole the Porters’ credit card out of their car while they were at a country club.

In a way, fate smiled upon them. They realized the culprit had just used their credit card to order $128 worth of Chinese food at Hong Kong House, so the couple informed the restaurant it was fraudulent and raced over to the restaurant to confront whoever came to pick it up. An older, blond woman wearing a hat and sunglasses turned up, and the Porters made their move.

"I get out my camera and say 'smile for your mug shot, smile,' and she was vicious,” Courtney told KATU. “I mean she was mad."

"She was mad, she was yelling and screaming and ended up going out another door," husband David Porter added.

TheBlaze reports the alleged thief screamed that she was going to sue them when the Porters attempted to stop her from leaving, but found another door and slipped out.

They shared the picture they took on social media, pictured above, along with a few others of the same woman allegedly using their card at various locations, KATU reports. Because she has not yet been charged, her face is obscured in the image.

"We're coming out OK,” said Courtney to KATU. “It wasn't too much damage to us, but it just makes me sick because they're good. She's going to go right back out and get somebody else.”

David told KATU he was certain this was not the first time that the woman had done this. It is most likely the first time her victims tracked her down and confronted her.

Sources: KATU, TheBlaze / Photo credit: Screenshot via KATU


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