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Oregon Child Molester Sentenced to 500 Years in Prison

An Oregon judge recently sentenced a man who molested two young children to 500 years in prison, calling his crimes the worst she had ever seen during her decades in court.

Shane Michael Emory, 38, had previously pleaded guilty to 10 counts of first-degree sexual abuse, eight counts of sodomu and four counts of illegal sexual penetration. He also sent photos and videos of the abuse through emails to other people, according to The Register-Guard.

Some prosecutors in the area said they think the 5-century sentence may be one of the longest in Oregon history, though the information could not be confirmed.

"It's the worst case I've ever had," said prosecutor Stephen Morgan. "It was a case where he sexually molested these kids, one of them from the time it was at least 3 months old for about 3 years or almost 4 years."

In court, Emory reportedly admitted that he may have “screwed up” the children by abusing them, but did not show much remorse otherwise.

Morgan said that Emory molested the children over a period of several years and that he did it “for the sheer sake of cruelty.”

Vogt told Emory in court that his lengthy sentence needed to “reflect what you’ve done.”

“This is one of the most heinous cases I have ever seen, and I must tell you I have seen a lot of bad cases in my 20 years here,” she said. “This is the worst one I’ve seen."

Source: The Register-Guard


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