Oregon Bans Medical Marijuana For Day Care Providers


Home-based day care owners in Oregon cannot be card-carrying medical marijuana users.

A state board voted unanimously on Wednesday to revoke medical marijuana cards given to day care owners. The owners of at least five day cares will have to give up their cards or forfeit their day care license.

Child care providers, however, are not banned from using any other prescription narcotics.

"You don't make these kind of requirements for people that are using Vicodin," medical marijuana advocate Anthony Taylor told The Oregonian. "You don't make these kinds of requirements for people who are using methadone."

"There's a question about whether or not somebody who's under the influence of cannabis can really provide that quality early learning experience," said chairwoman of the Early Learning Council Pam Curtis. "What the council said today was, 'We don't think so.'"

Applicants for an Oregon childcare license aren’t currently asked whether they have a medical marijuana card.

The rule allows other people who live in the home to hold medical marijuana cards as long as they aren’t licensed childcare providers, The Oregonian reports. However, marijuana can’t be stored inside the home.

The measure will take effect immediately and will last for six months, KGW.com reports. A permanent rule will be considered by the Early Learning Council in January after Oregonians put recreational marijuana to a vote.

Sources: KGW.com, The Oregonian

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Coaster420


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