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Orange County, Florida, Family Accuses Neighbor Of Shooting Its Dog

The Evans family of Wedgefield, Orange County, Florida, is devastated after a neighbor allegedly shot its pet dog on New Year’s Eve. 

Bryar, the family’s 2-year-old Labrador, reportedly slipped into his neighbor’s backyard. The neighbor was concerned Bryar would harm his own dog, which was in heat. Brock Evans says he went to retrieve Bryar, but, as he spoke to his neighbor’s wife, he heard gunshots ring out from the backyard. 

"I asked (my neighbor) if he shot my dog and he shook my hand and swore to me he didn't do it,” Evans told Click Orlando.

But as Evans was leaving, he says he spotted his Lab outside his property. "I noticed my dog laying near the road he was gasping for air when I got to him," Evans said. "There was nothing I could do. He was riddled with gunfire from head to toe.”

A police report confirmed the dog had been shot several times and that the wounds appeared to be inflicted by a shotgun. 

Deputies are investigating the incident, but say they were treating it like a case of animal cruelty. The neighbor has neither admitted to the shooting nor responded to requests for comment from Click Orlando. He did not deny his son may have been involved. "I want him to know I'm not afraid and I will get justice for Bryar," Evans said.

Evans’ young children are devastated by the death of Bryar. “(Bryar has) been a blessing, he's part of our family, he's like another one of the kids," Evans said. "My daughter's devastated, she can't sleep and she can't eat right.”

Source: Click Orlando Photo Credit: Evans Family via Click Orlando


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