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Orange County Deputy Could Face Jail Time for Pepper-Spraying Teen's Pizza

An Orange County sheriff’s deputy could serve jail time for allegedly pepper-spraying a teenager’s pizza after pulling him over for a traffic violation.

The 19-year-old John Doe went home with the pizza in September 2012 not knowing the deputy had sprayed it and shared it with his friends, making them all sick, according to the LA Times.

Doe notified the sheriff’s department after growing suspicious about the encounter with the deputy, according to NBC Southern California.

Juan Tavera, the 30-year-old accused deputy, has served in the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for about six years and is currently on paid leave.

Tavera faces one charge of misdemeanor assault and battery by a public officer and could be sentenced to one year in prison if convicted.

An arraignment for Tavera is set to take place in Newport Beach on Monday.

Sources: LA Times, NBC Southern California


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