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Oprah Slammed For Expressing Hope In Donald Trump

Several celebrities are slamming Oprah Winfrey after she expressed hope about President-elect Donald Trump.

Winfrey took to Twitter on Nov. 10 to share a photo of President Barack Obama and Trump at the White House, the Daily Mail reported. She captioned the tweet: “Everybody take a deep breath! Hope lives.”

In speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Winfrey reiterated her tweet, saying that seeing both Obama and Trump together had “given her hope.”

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But Winfrey’s optimism was not well received by some of her colleagues.

“Oprah what the f***?” tweeted an avid Hillary Clinton supporter. “This is not one of my favorite things.”

“Oprah, you can take a deep breath and hold it while the rest of us literally fight for our lives right now,” tweeted another.

One user asked Winfrey not to “normalize this man.”

“Minority children are already being targeted,” they tweeted.

Winfrey had previously said she was voting for Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Her endorsement, however, was not so warm, as she told her audience to get behind Clinton because “there really was no choice.”

While Winfrey remains optimistic, other actors appear to be dealing with the election results differently.

"I feel like I did after 9/11," Robert De Niro told The Hollywood Reporter's "Awards Chatter" podcast. “We’ll just see what happens. There will be many, many, many, many, many people watching.”

De Niro had previously said on video that he would like to punch Trump in the face, calling him “blatantly stupid” and a “con.” After election day, he went on the Jimmy Kimmel show and addressed those comments.

“I can’t do that now — he’s the president,” De Niro said. “And I have to respect that position, even though we all know what he... anyway. We have to see what he’s gonna do, and how he’s really gonna follow through on certain things. As we even see now, in a lot of cities, a lot of people are getting very upset and protesting.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Oprah Winfrey/TwitterFox News / Photo credit: Alan Light/Flickr

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