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Got something to say? Say it. Post it.

Through our “POST YOUR OPINION” and “ASK OUR COMMUNITY” features, users can now publish their own opinion pieces, ask their own questions and create their own polls. Instead of waiting for Opposing Views or its roster of experts to cover a key issue, users can now take matters into their own hands. Meanwhile, user content will be featured on the home page, appear on popular topic pages and go into Google News.

There’s more. Users can now add “Follow Ups” all over the site. Because one of Opposing Views’ goals is to help uncover the truth, follow ups will allow users to pinpoint a specific part of any published piece and question a fact, study or conclusion. Users can also post follow-up articles they believe will help expand the issue at hand.

Finally, you’ll start seeing more timely pieces appear in the “carousel” at the top of the home page. We now have the ability to feature articles and questions about events that are happening—right now. Our users will contribute some of that content.

As I said above, I hope you like the results. I encourage you to get started and let us know what you think. Thanks for your participation, and I’ll see you on the site.

Michael McNulty
Managing Editor
Opposing Views

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