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Openly Gay Georgia Teen, Boyfriend Attend Prom without a Hitch

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An openly gay, Georgia teen and his boyfriend attended prom together on Saturday in what was reported to be an enjoyable evening for the couple.

Derrick Martin, 18, attracted national media attention after officials at his rural Cochran, Georgia high school gave him permission to bring his boyfriend to the April 17 dance.

Georgia-based newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported on Sunday that Martin and his boyfriend, Richard Goodman, even arrived to some cheers from the crowd.

Prom season has stirred controversy across the country this year as more and more LGBT students are standing up for their right to bring a same-sex date.

In March, 18-year-old Mississippi resident Constance McMillen sued her high school after administrators there refused to let her attend prom with her girlfriend. McMillen was also barred from wearing a tuxedo to the event.

And just today, a local FOX affiliate reported that a Boonville, North Carolina high school has changed its prom policies to allow an openly gay student to bring the date of his choice. That announcement came after the boy’s mother threatened to take action against the school.

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