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Open Carry Protestor Films Confrontation With Cops

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A protester involved with the gun advocacy group Open Carry Texas filmed his interaction with the Houston police officers who stopped him on the street and forced him to remove his weapon. 

The protester, David Amad, uploaded a video of his interaction with the two officers on December 6. It is unclear, however, when the altercation actually took place. 

“Got your ID?” one officer says in the video as he approaches Amad. 

Amad then replies that he wasn’t carrying any identification with him. The officer then grabs his protest sign and throws it to the ground, saying, “You are going to jail for failure to ID because you can’t tell me who you are, you can’t prove who you are. I’m tired of you idiots coming out here.” 

The officer officer accuses Amad of drawing attention and seeking confrontation by protesting while carrying a weapon and refusing to reveal his identification. The officer then takes Amad’s camera and attempts to turn it off, but mistakenly begins recording again. The rest of the video is difficult to make out, but the officers can be heard searching and arresting Amad. The video ends by explaining Amad was ultimately released from the squad car, but his video questions whether or not citizens should be allowed to film law enforcement officers and whether police should be able to stop people from legally carrying weapons. These are questions that have been on the minds of Americans in recent months, and this instance of police misconduct is far from what’s been seen in Ferguson and Staten Island. 

According to the Blaze, no charges were filed against Amad.

Sources: The Blaze, YouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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