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Open-Carry Pro-Gun Advocate Jailed for Gun Charges

Dereck Simonsmeier, a pro-gun, open-carry advocate wrote an op-ed for a local newspaper earlier this month in which he complained about be asked to leave a Pick ‘N Save market when he refused to conceal the handgun he was openly carrying on his belt.

In his article for the Wausau Daily Herald, the Iraqi war veteran wrote about carrying his gun in Schofield, Wis.:

I do not carry it to be tough or to start a fight; I carry it because it is my right and to protect the ones I love. Yet even with the welfare of others in mind, I am scrutinized and mocked for exercising my Second Amendment right.

However, last Wednesday, Simonsmeier was arrested after allegedly threatening a friend’s roommate with that same gun.

The friend reportedly called Simonsmeier and three other people to make her roommate leave her apartment, reports the Marshfield News Herald.

Simonsmeier and two other male friends allegedly responded by coming over to the apartment armed.

All three men were later arrested on charges of endangering safety.

Police confiscated a Remington 1911 handgun, the same gun that Simonsmeier said he was carrying at the Pick ‘N Save in his op-ed piece.

Police say that no shots were fired in the confrontation, but the guns were used to intimidate the roommate.

Sources: Marshfield News Herald and Wausau Daily Herald


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