'Open Carry' Laws Create Situations Just Waiting For A Tragedy

Give me a break. There is no other way out of this other than to say this whole Open Carry “right” is just a bunch of gun nuts wanting to play like they are tough guys and show off their toys in the process. I really wish they would just grow up or go away.

There is absolutely no way anyone is safer because some gun nuts, oh, I mean, advocates, can walk into a Target or a restaurant with a high powered semi-automatic weapon draped over his or her shoulder. My son’s high school teacher just this week spoke of being in a public venue in Arizona where a couple of men, playing wild west cowboys I guess, walked in with holstered pistols strapped to their waists just like in the old days, which is where those two probably wished they were. What were they expecting, some Native Americans, or “Indians” as they might have thought of them, to come riding out of the hills into the restaurant on horseback with war paint on, wearing loin clothes and shooting arrows?


And look, while this is certainly not a racial issue, like most things in America, it is certainly hard not to recognize that racial perceptions certainly play a role in this matter. Who doesn’t have to honestly admit that if a group of black young men were walking around the same streets as these white men, carrying long guns and pistols into stores the same way, the police action would not be the same by any means. We have too many cases where black men are being harassed or shot when they are unarmed, imagine if they had a weapon on their back or hip.

I saw a video recently out of Colorado where an 18-year-old white kid was stopped by police to question him about the fact that he was walking down a busy street carrying a semi-automatic military style weapon. The kid actually argued with the police about his rights and they politely argued back but in the end, he was sent on his way. Who really believes that an 18 year old black kid would have been able to stand there with a high powered weapon on him, arguing with the police and refusing to cooperate with their requests, and the results would have been the same?

Look, I am one of those who thinks there is no reason anybody should be carrying guns, open carry, concealed or even in their homes. And if we can’t go that far, which I understand is not likely, I do believe it should be very hard to get a gun. There are just too many of them floating around and too easy to get in America. And I certainly think guns have no place being carried around, again, open carry or concealed, in public places. That is a situation just waiting for a tragedy.

Call me crazy, but I think we are safer with less guns in the hands of everyday citizens, than with more. Guns are not toys, as we saw when the 9 year old girl accidentally shot the instructor recently in Arizona who was teaching her to use an Uzi. Really?

These people need to put away their guns and realize the only danger is coming from them, and not some criminal coming after them in Wal-Mart or at Denny’s.


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