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Open Carry Of Guns At Texas Colleges May Reduce Cancer Research

Texas lawmakers are considering bills that would allow the open carrying of handguns and concealed carrying of guns on college campuses.

The Dallas Morning News notes that the bills have strong support from Republicans, including Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.

“We are now one step closer to passing these two historic bills out of the Senate,” Lt. Gov. Patrick said in a statement on Feb. 12.

According to a report by the Houston Chronicle, campus carry could cost the University of Texas and University of Houston systems almost $47 million (combined) to update their campus security, create places to store guns and add officers to campus police.

Most of the University of Texas' $39 million in costs would come from the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center's University Police Department, while the University of Houston Health Science Center would have to allocate $7.6 million for the changes.

"Costs would be covered out of proceeds from patient revenue, which would normally go toward cancer research, education and prevention efforts," Julie Penne, associate director for external communications at M.D. Anderson, told the Houston Chronicle.

Sources: The Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle
Image Credit: DrunkDriver


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