California Assembly Passes Ban on Open Carry of Guns


Unfortunately, the California Assembly sided with the anti-gun extremists and passed Assembly Bill 144, the open carry ban bill, by a 45 to 29 vote.  This bill now goes to the state Senate and will be assigned to the state Senate Public Safety Committee. 

Please call and e-mail members of the Senate Public Safety Committee and urge them not to fall for the rhetoric anti-gun extremists are touting about the open carrying of a firearm causing more violence. Contact information for members of the state Senate Public Safety can be found here

There are currently only six states that do not allow for the open carrying of a firearm. California is the ONLY state considering banning open carry.  In fact, many states are considering legislation to loosen the restrictions on gun owners by allowing law-abiding citizens to carry a firearm without a permit.

Do anti-gun activists really think that criminals will stop committing crimes if law-abiding citizens can no longer openly carry a firearm?Crimes are not being committed by law-abiding individuals who openly carry an unloaded firearm in California.

Introduced by anti-gun Assemblyman Anthony Portantino (D-44), AB 144 would change the state’s gun laws and prohibit law-abiding citizens from carrying an unloaded handgun openly. 


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