Why Must People Openly Carry Guns at Arts Festival?


Members of Michigan Open Carry have badgered and bullied the Royal Oak (MI) City Commission into changing its no guns policy at the annual Arts, Beats, & Eats Festival that is being held over Labor Day

weekend. It seems they are afraid to go to the festival without conspicuously displaying their firearms.  As theOakland County Daily Tribune reports, the Open Carriers feel the need to have guns on their hips “for their own protection”.  (The Daily Tribune did not report which of the festival’s arts they were most afraid of: visual, musical, or culinary.)

What Open Carriers don’t seem to realize is that their guns detract from public safety.  Just last year in Michigan, a man accidentally fired his gun while attending an Open Carry sponsored picnic.  Thankfully nobody was hit, but there were hundreds of people nearby, many who were frightened away by the shot.  The Kalamazoo Gazette reported on the incident:

“Was his intention to fire the gun? No,” [Police Chief Rod] Somerlott said. “At least, I don’t believe so.”

However, police said they believe about 150 beachgoers left the area voluntarily after the shot was fired.

Learn more open carry and accidental shootings, and how toget involved with the Brady Campaign.


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