Oops! Thief Tries to Steal iPad Chained To Pizzeria Counter (Video)


A not-so-bright criminal set his sights on an iPad inside a Chicago pizza joint not knowing that the tablet was secured with a cable lock.

A surveillance camera shows the thief break the glass door of Pie Hole Pizza Joint with a brick to get in. The suspect goes straight to the counter to grab the iPad in hopes to make a quick escape.

But if only it was that easy. To the thief’s surprise, the Apple tablet was securely locked to the counter with a cable. What is seen next is a tug-of-war between the wannabe thief and iPad.

“You can see in the video the guy had to tug, tug, and tug,” Pie Hole owner Doug Brandt told NBC Chicago. “You could see the counter shaking. You could see the other stuff on the counter topping over. It was well-secured.”

After about seven tugs, the criminal gives up and runs off, leaving the tablet dangling by the counter.

Police told the Chicago Tribune they got a call Saturday morning from a witness who saw someone break the restaurant’s window with a brick to go inside. The incident took place hours before the pizzeria opened.

The surveillance camera shows two people in grey sweat pants and baseball caps at about 6:30 a.m. walking past the storefront when something catches their eye. The suspects could be seen peering in before walking off.

About 30 minutes later, one of them returns, pulls a brick out of his or her hooded sweatshirt and breaks the front window. The intruder gets into the store and goes straight to the iPad, only to find it is chained.

“Drama du jour,” the restaurant posted on its Facebook page later in the day. “Someone busted our Lakeview window to steal our Belly iPad, seen dangling from the counter. Sigh.”

Brandt told NBC Chicago that insurance was able to cover the cost of the broken window.

He’s hoping the video, which has gone viral, will get someone to recognize the unsuccessful thief from the video.

So far, no arrests have been made. Brandt hopes the video, which has gone viral, will lead to someone recognizing the unsuccessful thief.

You can watch the failed robbery below.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Daily Mail, NBC Chicago, Pie Hole Pizza Joint


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