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Oops: Runaway Police Car Crawls Forward Without Driver And Hits Car (Video)

A police officer was caught on tape recently making a mistake that not even new drivers make.

He forgot to put his car in park.  

The unidentified officer pulled someone over for speeding. As usual, he then got out of his car and walked up to the pulled over driver's window.

But the police car, perhaps feeling sad about the officer walking out, slowly started rolling forward. The vehicle ended up love-tapping the pulled over man’s truck. Oops.

After the bumper kiss, the officer turns around and runs back to his car. He apologizes to the man before using the old “it must have slipped out of gear” excuse. I suppose it could have slipped out, but it’s more fun to think he left it in drive. I guess we'll never know what really happened on that fateful day.

There was no damage to the truck. Realizing that he was in no place to ticket the man whose vehicle he just hit, the officer let the resident drive off without a ticket.

“I’ll let you go man,” the officer is heard saying. “Sorry about that. I appreciate it.”

Since being posted on Sunday, the video has been watched over 80,000 times.

Check it out:

Source: LiveLeak


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