Ontario Man Steals Car to Drive to Jail


A Canadian man recently earned himself another 10 months in jail while trying to finish up a 60-day sentence, all because he drove a stolen car to Toronto to serve weekend time behind bars.

Jorden Morin, a 25-year-old from Simcoe, Ontario, had been convicted of assault and sentenced to 60 days in jail. He opted to serve the time intermittently over the weekends — instead of all at once — at a jail about 90 miles away from his home, according to MSN.

Morin had just 10 days left in jail when he was caught driving the stolen vehicle, according to Sun News.

“I thought (serving time intermittently) was a good idea at the time,” Morin said. “I shouldn’t have taken that. It was added stress on me. I made the wrong choice.”

Albert Smelko, Morin’s lawyer, also deemed Morin’s choice to split up his sentence over the weekends, and not Morin’s decision to steal the car, “a terrible error.”   

But Morin stole the car days before he drove it to jail and has a history of theft and breaking-and-entering, causing his judge, Kevin Sherwood, to rule on his case with cynicism.  

“It’s clear from the record, you are not getting the message of deterrence,” Sherwood said.

Sources: Sun News, MSN


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