Little Boy Brutally Attacked With Bricks On Playground


A 9-year-old Raleigh, Tennessee, boy was brutally beaten by bullies at a playground.

According to the child's father, Billy Leopard, his son Cameron was playing on the playground inside of the gated mobile home community where they live on March 6. Cameron had been playing with one child and having seemingly innocent fun before the attack occurred.

"They were playing around, throwing pine cones up in the air," Leopard told WREG.

What happened next, he said, was anything but innocent.

"The kid left, and then he came back with some more friends -- about 10, 11 kids -- and they started chunking bricks," he said.

Cameron was hit in the head numerous times, sustaining injuries to his face.

"Girls have started chunking pine cones at him -- bottles and stuff like that other times," Leopard added.

Cameron's mother went to management to ask for help and for the bricks to be removed.

"The manager told her that she didn't want to talk to her -- to get out of the building," Leopard said.

The property manager also declined to comment to WREG.

"They really need a security guard in there, and they need to clean up their parks, and they need to clean up their act and act like they care about their community," Leopard said.

He added that he wants the attacker charged and for the property management to ensure his son's safety in the future.

Police are currently investigating the incident, and no charges have been filed. A GoFundMe page was launched to help the family move their mobile home to a new location — away from the bullies.

"Most of Cams swelling has gone down, but the bruising is still coming believe it or not," an update on the fundraising page reads. "He now has 2 black eyes. The scrapes are healing pretty well though. We've found someone out of Halls, Tn to transport our trailer, so we still need your help.

"Thank you to everyone who has donated and or shared. Please continue to share! And if God lays it on your heart to donate, please remember every dollar counts. ANY amount at all will be greatly appreciated. Were just under 10% of our goal, PLEASE help us reach it!"

The page has raised $245 out of the family's $2,500 goal as of March 11.

Sources: WREG, GoFundMe / Photo credit: GoFundMe, WREG, Michael Quander WREG/Facebook

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