High School Teacher Reportedly Drunkenly Sends Naked Snapchats To Students


A Florida high school fired a teacher on Feb. 9 after she reportedly drunkenly sent partially nude Snapchat images of herself to students and called them.

Allen D. Nease High School fired Dionne Younce, 28, from her positions as a physical education teacher and coach, the St. Augustine Record reports.

The school initially suspended the woman with pay on Jan. 20.

“You are not to discuss this suspension with any co-worker, parents or students,” the school district wrote in a letter to her,  WJXT reports.

The board subsequently fired her at a February school district meeting, reports The St. Augustine Record.

While no arrests or charges have been made, police say they are still investigating.

Younce allegedly sent Snapchat images of herself wearing only a bra to various students. According to three students, she had started sending them private messages in fall 2015.

One student claims he communicated online with the teacher in a way that started as casual but turned sexual. He said they would send each other naked photos and flirt.

Once rumors started to spread about the two, Younce allegedly stopped sending messages and told the student not to talk about it with anybody so she wouldn’t get caught.

Another student said Younce would sometimes call him at night to talk about sports, adding, "to be completely honest, [she] used to sometimes be, I think, under the influence [when she called]."

Bradenton Herald reports another Florida high school teacher, 42-year-old Josephine Breviario, was suspended without pay on Feb. 9 after she allegedly threw an inappropriate Christmas party for students.

The teacher reportedly threw an ugly Christmas sweater party for 40 Citrus County High School students involving drugs and alcohol on Dec. 12. She is also accused of giving students sex tips.

Six of the students allegedly spent the night as they were too drunk to drive home.

“As educators, we are held to a higher standard than others,” the high school’s Assistant Superintendent Jonny Bishop said. “That expectation doesn’t end at the end of the school day. We carry that standard of expectation 24/7, 365.”

Sources: The St. Augustine Record, WJXT, Bradenton Herald / Photo credit: The St. Augustine Record

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