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Man Allegedly Offered Minors Money For Sex (Photo)

Ohio officials indicted a man on Oct. 5 for offering minors money in exchange for sex.

Danny L. Moore Jr., 36, faces child rape charges after allegedly engaging in inappropriate sexual activity with two children younger than the age of 13, WHIO reports.

According to official documents, both children were already known to Moore. Authorities say the case spans from January 11, 2012, to August 15, 2015.

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Moore is not the first to capture national attention within the past month for paying minors to engage in sexual relations, WWJ reports.

In late September, a judge sentenced 36-year-old Willie Curry to 35 years in prison alongside 37-year-old Tammy Pollard, who was sentenced to 25-years, for attempting to pimp out three teenagers to various men.

“The offenses in this case, against our society’s most vulnerable members, our youth, are nothing short of horrific,” David P. Gelios of the Detroit Division of the FBI said in a statement.

“The FBI takes human trafficking crimes very seriously and is committed to investigating the systematic abuse and exploitation of children and adults," Gelios continued. "This case further highlights the incredible work routinely performed by the member agencies of the Southeast Michigan Trafficking and Exploitation Crimes Task Force, along with our state and local partners. Their work makes it possible for victims of sexual exploitation to regain their freedom and, importantly their human dignity.”

Sadly, the minors are just some of the many American teenagers forced to accept sex for money, according to a Sept. 14 report by The Huffington Post

Some low-income teenagers are so desperate for food, they will resort to selling themselves sexually to survive.

“It’s really like selling yourself,” a teenage girl in Portland, Oregon, said. “You’ll do whatever you need to do to get money or eat.”

In addition to offering sexual services, some hungry teens are so desperate they purposefully get themselves arrested for food and shelter.

“It might not be the best food, might not be the best place to be, but it’s a roof over your head,” the girl from Portland added.

Sources: WHIO, WWJThe Huffington Post / Photo Credit: Jericho/Wikimedia Commons via Denverite, Daytona Daily News

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