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Woman Leaves Baby In Bathtub To Have Sex With Ex

Authorities are pressing a murder charge against an Arizona woman after she reportedly left her baby in a bathtub to have sex with a former partner.

On Sept. 17, police were called to the home of 29-year-old Angela Clark after her 3-month-old child was found unresponsive, WRTV reports.

Despite attempts to save the infant, she died in a Phoenix hospital a few days later.

Investigations revealed Clark had played a role in the baby's death.

"I tried putting the baby asleep in laundry room idk if she will fall asleep tho...i'll let her play in tub with water running with drain open," a text message Clark wrote to her ex read.

Other messages revealed the woman was worried the child would not fall asleep in time so that she and her ex could have sex.

Clark told police she put her baby in the bathtub with the water running, using a towel to keep her child's elevated.

Clark and her ex then engaged in sexual intercourse. Police believe the baby had been left in the tub for over 25 minutes.

Afterward, Clark's ex noticed water overflowing from the bathroom. He saw that the infant was face down in the tub, removed her from the water and then performed CPR.

Clark's 15-month-old daughter was home when the incident took place.

Police arrested Clark and charged her with second-degree murder.

"Again...we require people to have licenses for drive a car, to hunt, to fish...yet we let anyone lay down and have a baby and abuse, destroy and then murder them. Sickening!" one woman wrote in response to the story on WRTV's Facebook page.

"There are so many unfit mothers in this world," wrote another Facebook user. "Just because you have a uterus doesn't make you a mother. Especially not a good one."

Sources: WRTVWRTV/Facebook / Photo Credit: WRTV

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