Police: Man Drank Beer, Left Child In Hot Car To Die


Police accused a Virginia man of leaving his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter to die in a hot car on April 20 while he drank beer and watched television.

Daiquan Fields, 32, told investigators he didn’t realize the child was still in the car when he stopped at his girlfriend’s home in Annandale, CBS News reports.

The man had just dropped off his girlfriend’s other two teenage children at school but says he forgot to take the 2-year-old to day care, WUSA reports. Instead, he returned home, leaving the child strapped in her car seat in 70-degree weather for seven hours.

The unidentified child had a body temperature of 107 degrees and had second-degree burns. She was declared dead at the hospital.

Fields was arrested and released on $50,000 bail. Granting bail angered prosecutors who say Fields has been repeatedly caught driving with a suspended license for the past two years. Prosecutors say if Fields had obeyed the law and not driven that day, the child would be alive.

The judge disagreed and set bail with conditions, including a ban on driving and submitting to drug tests twice a week. 

“His traffic record has no bearing on this case,” said Fields' defense attorney, Dontae Bugg.

He is due in court on June 7.

Fields has been convicted of six felonies in the past. He was in prison for four years for drug crimes and grand larceny, reports WUSA.

Authorities believe Fields may have been under the influence of marijuana the day of the child’s death.

“There’s a lot of information we don’t have yet,” explained his attorney. “We are waiting on toxicology results, the cause and time of death and that could change the path of this case.”

Sources: CBS News,WUSA / Photo credit: WUSA

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