Teen Did Heroin With Mother Before His Death


An Ohio teenager was found dead in a hotel room after doing heroin with his mother, according to the medical examiner's report.

On April 6, 16-year-old Andrew Frye was pronounced dead at about 6:45 p.m. after officials found him lying on the floor of a Super 8 hotel room. According to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, Andrew was at the hotel with his mother, Heather Frye, and her girlfriend, Jessica Irons.

Neither woman had custody of Andrew, as Heather lost custody of her son several years prior. Andrew had been pressuring his guardian, his great aunt, to let him spend more time with his mother, according to WOIO.

"I feel like maybe he felt bad he wasn’t hanging out with his mom, and maybe she begged him to hang out and she missed him and stuff," Brooke Sandy, who grew up with Andrew, told WKYC. "So I think she just planned to just you know have fun with him. But that’s not something you do to have fun with your kid."

Prior to his death, Andrew, Andrew’s grandmother, Heather and Irons went to a Super 8 hotel room.

According to WKYC, Irons went to score some heroin and she, Heather and Andrew shot up in the hotel bathroom. The grandmother was reportedly not involved in these actions. However, WOIO reports that Andrew's grandmother got the heroin for the group. The diabetic teen had also reportedly been drinking at the time. 

When they all awakened around dinner time, they found Andrew unresponsive, and his mother called 911.

When his body was found, there were no signs of trauma.

"We don't want people speculate too much [about what happened] and lose sight of the fact that a 16-year-old is dead and that's a sad fact regardless of the situation," Summit County Sheriff Inspector Bill Holland said, according to WOIO.

Although Holland did not specify whether the case was being investigated as a heroin overdose, he said the heroin epidemic in Summit County has been increasing at a rapid rate.

"Anybody who watched the news, reads that paper any kind of social media, you can see what an epidemic of heroin and drugs these days," he explained. "It's taking people's lives. It does not know boundaries of socioeconomic, race, religion, it doesn't discriminate. It's taking lives from everyone. It's getting to the point now where almost everyone knows someone who's been affected by this heroin epidemic."

The drug overdose rate in Summit County has almost doubled from 2009 to 2014, in part because of the tendency to mix the drug fentanyl with other drugs.

Investigators said criminal charges are possible in Andrew's death, but no one has been arrested or charged yet.

"I just hope he flies high and has fun in heaven ‘cause we’re really going to miss him," Sandy told WKYC.

Sources: WKYC News, WOIO News / Photo Credit: WKYC News

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