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Man Caught Having Sex With Horse Says It 'Seduced' Him

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A Florida man who was caught having sex with a horse at a Colorado ranch says it seduced him.

Kevin Hall, 36, was vacationing at a guest ranch outside Denver, Colorado, known for its hiking, rafting and horseback riding.

After his first day on a guided horseback tour, Hall retired early to his cabin, claiming he was too sleepy to join the other guests for a campfire dinner.

In the early hours of the next morning, the ranch owner, who wished to be identified only as Mike, heard a disturbance coming from the stables.

“There was a lot of noise ... I feared a wild animal had broken in and was attacking the horses,” Mike told the Denver Inquirer. “I rushed out in the darkness to see what was going on.”

The ranch owner wasn't prepared for the scene in the stables. Hall was caught with his pants down, engaging in bestiality with the same horse he rode during the day.

“Working on a ranch, I’ve heard stories about some sick freaks that have sex with animals, but I have never seen it in real life. And it was just a disgusting thing to see right in front of me,” said Mike.

"I shouted out to him, 'Get out of there and get your clothes on.' After he was decent, I asked him what the heck he was doing. He looked at me in the eye and said, 'I couldn’t help it, she seduced me when I was riding her today. I just had to have her.'"

Mike kicked Hall off the ranch and reported the incident to police the next morning.

“It’s just sick, sick and depraved. I don’t know if that kind of thing is tolerated in Florida but it’s just not right,” Mike said.

In Colorado, bestiality is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor for first-time offenders. The perpetrator could have to undergo a court-ordered treatment program if convicted of the crime.

There are currently no charges filed against Hall and he is reportedly back in Florida.

In 2012, another man from Florida, Patrick Louis Linn, 44, was arrested for sneaking into a neighbor’s barn and having sex with a horse, reports New York Daily News.

He had been busted for bestiality with another horse two years earlier.

"I would say it's hard to believe, but I had a feeling he'd be back because I believe it's a compulsion-type thing with him,” his neighbor said.

Sources: Denver Inquirer, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Denver Inquirer

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