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Dad Kills Child And Himself To Get Back At Ex (Video)

A father from Harris County, Texas, allegedly murdered his daughter to get back at the girl's mother for moving to Louisiana with her new boyfriend before taking his own life on Sept. 15.

Tarel Felder picked up his 4-year-old daughter, Amyira Mi'Heaven Felder, from her mother, Shonique Johnson, after the girl complained she missed her father, BET reports.

“She wanted to go," said Johnson. "She said she wanted to be with her nana and her daddy because she was missing him, and I allowed her to go."

“She’s with God now,” Johnson added.

When Amyira left to stay with her father and grandmother, Dorian, Johnson said there was no indication the child was in any danger.

But on Sept. 15, Dorian came home to find her son was dead and her granddaughter had been shot. Amyira later died in hospital.

It is believed Tarel called Johnson and begged her to take him back. When she said no, he reportedly lashed out in anger and shot Amyira before turning the gun on himself.

Only moments before the shooting, Tarel posted a video (below) on Instagram that some say gave clues about what was about to unfold.

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A tearful Tarel rambles in the video he uploaded. He also uploaded an image of Amyira.

"I'm done with the game," he says to the audience with red eyes.

After the deaths, hundreds commented on the video, with some expressing anger while others were simply saddened.

"This dude was obv sick," wrote one user. "This is obv a sign of a skitso or delusion or he was taking drugs. But dammit... No child deserves to go out like that."

While many called the man a myriad of colorful names, some questioned the point of criticizing him now.

"At the end of the day y'all can call him names and judge we can be upset about the fact he took his daughter life but at the end of the day he DEAD so he can't see this s--- so it's pointless to comment and argue and cuss him," wrote one user. "Then we all have to remember he left family behind y'all not hurting him we really hurting his fam."

WARNING: Video contains strong language.

Sources: BET, rontogutta_/Instagram and KATY via YouTube / Photo credit: BET, KATY via YouTube

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