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Poll: 16 Percent Approve Of How Trump Conducts Himself

Poll: 16 Percent Approve Of How Trump Conducts Himself Promo Image

New polling indicates that a majority of Americans disapprove of how President Donald Trump conducts himself in the Oval Office. The data found that while Republican voters support Trump's policy agenda, they are mixed when it comes to his personal behavior.

On Aug. 29, a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found that only 16 percent of national adults liked the way Trump conducted himself as president while 58 percent disapproved. The remaining 25 percent of respondents had mixed feelings about the president's behavior.

Republican-leaning respondents largely felt conflicted about Trump's behavior. According to the poll, 34 percent liked the way Trump conducted himself, 46 percent said they had mixed feelings and 19 percent disapproved. Democratic-leaning respondents had overwhelming antipathy toward Trump's conduct, with only 2 percent approving.

The data also found that a majority of Americans were against Trump's policies -- 15 percent of national adults said they agreed with nearly all of Trump's positions on the issues currently facing the U.S. while 18 percent said they agreed with him on many issues. Meanwhile, 21 percent of respondents said they only agreed with Trump on a few issues while 45 percent said they did not agree with Trump on almost any position.

While 93 percent of Democrats were decidedly against Trump on the issues, 69 percent of Republicans felt either mostly or entirely on the same page with the president's agenda. And 58 percent of Republican respondents said they wanted Trump to listen more to GOP lawmakers and operatives with government experience while 34 percent wished he tuned their advice out more often.

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The survey also queried national adults on what they liked the most about Trump. In this arena, 37 percent of overall respondents said they liked nothing about the president while 23 percent cited his personality and 9 percent cited his policies. Fifty-four percent of respondents who approved of Trump said they liked his personality and approach to the presidency the most while only 14 percent said they favored his policies and values, signaling that Trump's appeal among his base is more stylistic than substantive.

Meanwhile, the survey also asked respondents what their greatest concern about Trump was. Among those who disapproved of Trump, 32 percent cited his personality, 25 percent cited his policies, 19 percent singled out his competence and 9 percent were most worried by his Twitter usage.

On the topic of Trump's qualities, 26 percent of national adults said the president was even-tempered, 51 percent believed he was intelligent, 65 percent viewed him as selfish and 55 percent asserted that he was prejudiced.

On Jan. 22, at the start of Trump's time in office, the Gallup daily tracking poll found that 45 percent of national adults approved of the president's job performance while an equal 45 percent disapproved. By Aug. 28, Gallup found that 35 percent of Americans approved of Trump's job performance while 60 percent disapproved.

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RealClearPolitics, after aggregating the 11 national surveys released between Aug. 6 through Aug. 28, found that Trump had an average approval rating of 38.5 percent and an average disapproval rating of 56 percent.

Sources: GallupPew Research Center, RealClearPolitics / Featured Image: U.S. Department of Agriculture/Flickr / Embedded Images: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff/Flickr, The White House/Flickr

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