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Only 10 Percent Of People Can Crack Hidden Words Puzzle

Puzzles with words cleverly concealed in a picture are becoming increasingly popular online.

The latest one to make its rounds is an image of children building a fort with the help of their cat, which was shared by Sun Gazing.

Six words are concealed in the picture for you to locate.

Only 10 percent of people who attempt the challenge will be able to find all of the words, reports Playbuzz, the puzzle's designer.

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Children are often able to crack such puzzles quicker than adults, mainly because adults have been taught to look for patterns in puzzles that often don’t exist, Sun Gazing reports.

Other similar puzzles include a picture of a pizza restaurant with six food-related words concealed in various places around the room and an image showing children playing in a pool, the Daily Mail reports.

In the restaurant image, groups of friends eat pizza while a pianist plays in the background. A waitress is about to spill a drink on a customer, while a chef is seen tossing pizza dough and a boy places an order.

The picture of the children in the pool shows them splashing around, with two coming down a water slide. It also contains six water-related words for you to locate.

Another Playbuzz creation conceals letters within an image of colorful dots.

“That was amazing!” the Playbuzz message of congratulations reads if you manage to pass all seven stages of the dot puzzle, according to the Mail. “Not only did you pass, the fact that you were able to see all the letters across the spectrum proves that you have incredible vision and a particularly trained eye. This means that you can see better than the average person, and live in a more colorful, vivid world.”

Sources: Sun Gazing, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Playbuzz via Sun Gazing

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