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Onlookers Notice Truck Passing Through Pennsylvania, People Shocked By What It Says

In the midst of these heightened tensions, people have become volatile and have taken to acting out against their political opponents.

Businessman Bob Bolus of Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, donated a truck to the Donald Trump campaign, which is used as an advertisement for the Republican nominee, WNEP reports.

The truck is decorated with photos of Trump, as well as quotes and catch phrases such as, "All Lives Matter," and "Build The Wall." It has drawn lots of attention from those in the area.

"Thousands of people stop and take pictures of this," Bolus said. "It's been on every Twitter account you can think of. In fact, the Chinese newspaper and the Japanese newspaper were there and interviewed me there in Cleveland."

Despite all of the attention the truck has garnered, not everybody is a fan. The truck was reportedly vandalized in the Scranton area. Police are investigating the vandalism and reportedly have a suspect in mind.

Bolus said that despite the vandalism, he plans to make more tractor trailers for Trump.

Sources: WNEPNewsiosity / Photo Credit: WNEP via Newsiosity

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