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Online Relationship Ends Tragically A Day After Couple Finally Meets In Person

Just a day after meeting her online boyfriend in person for the first time, a young South African woman tragically fell to her death as the two went on a romantic hike.

Reports say 21-year-old Cheynee Holloway fell to her death from the top of a cliff as her boyfriend, 23-year-old James Nichols, watched in horror. The two had reportedly been taking photographs on top of a hill in the South African city of Johannesburg when the tragedy occurred. Holloway, a South African resident, was standing on top of a large rock when the ground beneath her gave out as Nichols set up a camera to take a picture of her.

Nichols reportedly ran down the cliff and attempted to perform CPR on his girlfriend for 20 minutes before emergency workers arrived at the scene. Sadly, Holloway died from the fall.

In January, Holloway buried a rock for Nichols, intending for them to dig it up together when he visited her in South Africa from his native England. Sadly, the couple never got to dig it up together, and Nichols had to retrieve it on his own in the days following her death.

After returning to England, Nichols’ car was broken into, and thieves reportedly stole the precious rock.

“I didn't realize at first. They had rummaged all through the car but it didn't look like they had taken anything,” Nichols told Manchester Evening News. “But then I saw it was gone and that's when the sadness really dawned on me. Whoever has took it obviously won't have realized and have probably just thrown it. But it's so important to me and it can't be replaced. After Cheynee died, I made it my mission to find it and to find the exact rock she left like that and to bring it back to England was unbelievable. It's something I would cherish for the rest of my life.”

"I had the rock with me as I was going hiking in the Lake District so decided to bring it with me, as if I was bringing a piece of her with me on my adventure,” Nichols added. “It's all still so raw and to say this has made the grief worse would an understatement. I'm not bothered about anyone getting in trouble — I just want it back.”

The rock was reportedly stolen last week, and Nichols says he is offering a cash reward for anyone with information that leads to its whereabouts.

Sources: Daily MailManchester Evening News

Photo Source: Via Daily Mail


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