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Online Gun Sales Are Bigger Loophole Than Gun Shows

Gun control advocates have often tried to close the loophole of buying guns at gun shows without a background check.

However, a new study says that more people are buying their guns online, where there is no gun regulation at all.

Researchers at Third Way conducted a study in 10 states where U.S. Senators voted against a basic background check earlier this year.

Over the past two months, the study found that 15,000 guns were for sale online without requiring a background check, at any given time. About one third of the weapons were semi-automatic.

The study focused on, which is a Craigslist for guns.

“At this point, this is the biggest loophole in the background check system,” Lana Erickson Hatalsky, the director of social policy and politics at Third Way, told The Washington Post.

“Nobody’s monitoring this. Nobody has any ability to stop these people who are looking for private sellers  and the only reason to do that is to evade the background check system.”

According to the study, the big internet gun states included: Ohio (6,192 on sale), Georgia (1,960) and Alaska (124).

Sources: The Washington Post and Third Way


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