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Georgia Pastor Who Kicked Out 103-Year-Old Church Member Files Restraining Orders

Rev. Tim Mattox, pastor of Union Grove Baptist Church in Elberton, Georgia, came under fire for banning 103-year-old Genora H. Biggs, who had attended the church for 92 years, in August.

On Sept. 20, Mattox was then voted out by church members for his actions, but he ignored that vote, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The church members who voted Mattox out sent him a "Letter of Termination" and told him to remove his property from church grounds, the Athens Herald-Banner reported. 

Two days later, on Sept. 22, he obtained a restraining order against Biggs’ grandson, Elliott Dye, and Shirley Robinson, a former secretary for the church who reportedly was an outspoken critic of his.

Glen Jackson, the church's deacon, joined Mattox in the application for the restraining order against Dye and Robinson. A hearing for the matter is scheduled for Oct. 5.

Elberton Police Chief Mark Welsh and Officer Darren Rucker talked with members of Church Folk Revolution, a group based in New Orleans, which announced it was investigating Mattox’s behaviors towards Biggs.

Tyrone “T.J.” Jacques, the editor of Church Folk’s website, told the Athens Banner-Herald that his group would be paying the costs for attorneys for Biggs, Dye and Robinson “and any other church member that has received a retraining order.”

Jacques added that Mattox was voted out of his group in 2009, but that he refused to leave.

“He ignored that vote and he is trying to ignore this vote and we are appalled,” Jacques said.

Jacques has encouraged former church members to return to Union Grove Baptist Church, but the legal battle may prolong the church’s division.

Sources: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Athens Banner-Herald

Photo credit: Supplied via Atlanta Journal-Constitution, CBS 46


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