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1-Year-Old Girl Survives Car Crash That Kills Her Parents

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A 1-year-old child reportedly survived a car crash that claimed the lives of her parents on Sunday morning.

Law enforcement officials near Wells, Nevada, discovered the scene of the accident on Interstate 80 at 1:10 a.m., Fox 13 reported.

An initial investigation revealed that Richard Beamont, 38, had been driving a 1995 Ford Explorer east on I-80 when the car veered off the road and crashed into a guardrail, according to a Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) report. Also,in the car was his partner Dawna Loughney, 20, and their 1-year-old girl.

NHP released a statement, saying, “Mr. Beaumont then overcorrected the Explorer to the left causing it to overturn.”

When the accident occurred, Beaumont and Loughney were ejected from the car and were dead when officials arrived. They both were not wearing their seatbelts and sat in the driver and passenger seat, respectively, according to the NHP.

Their 1-year-old girl was reportedly sitting in the back seat when she was also thrown from the vehicle. However, she did not sustain any injuries from the accident.

“She wasn’t hurt,” said trooper Jim Stewart, according to Deseret News. “It’s unbelievable.”

NHP reported that her car seat was not securely fastened and was hanging loosely in the car when they arrived at the scene..

She has since been released to the Department of Child Family Services with a clean bill of health. 

Source: FOX, Deseret News

Photo Credit: FOX


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