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One-Way ‘Mars One Mission’ Receives More Than 200,000 Applicants

Over 200,000 people from more than 140 countries are so desperate to get off the planet that they applied to secure themselves a one-way ticket on a seven-month journey to Mars. The Mars One mission announced that 202,586 people submitted videos applications to take part in the trip. The selection process and actual journey to Mars will be broadcast on television in an effort to recoup some of the costs of the trip.

“This mission to Mars can be the biggest media event in the world,” said Paul Römer, the ambassador of the project. “Reality meets talent show with no ending and the whole world watching. Now there's a good pitch.”

The privately-financed project is being led by Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp, The Independent reported.

“We’re not looking for individuals, we are looking for perfect teams. We want individuals who fit into certain teams of people going to Mars. They must be healthy, smart enough to learn new skills and with a character and mind-set that can function in a small group,” Mr Lansdorp said.

47,654 of the applications came from the U.S. and 8,497 of the applicants were from Britain. Applicants who are accepted will have to pass three more selection rounds before the fourth, and final, round.

The last round will be an international competition that prepares groups of candidates for life on Mars. When all is said and done, 24 individuals will be selected to become Mars One astronauts. Of the 24, four will be chosen to land on the planet by 2023 and become the first human settlers on Mars.

Sources: The Independent, The Guardian


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