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Man Accused Of Murdering Teen Girls Captured Saying Three Words (Video)

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On Feb. 14, two teenage girls were murdered outside Delphia, Indiana. Local police have now revealed that, moments before their murder, one of the girls captured a photo, seen below, and audio recording of a man they believe to be the prime suspect. The three words the man heard uttering on the recording were: "down the hill."

According to the Daily Mail, Delphia police have praised Liberty German, 14, for "the presence of mind" to take photos of the man on her phone. She and friend Abigail Williams, 13, were found dead near a bridge outside the town. 

"This young lady is a hero," Indiana State Police Sgt. Tony Slocum said. "There's no doubt."

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In addition to photos of the man, German reportedly recorded a brief audio clip of a man who is heard to say, "down the hill." Authorities noted that it is possible the audio is of the man in the photo, but it could also belong to another individual.

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"We are actively looking for this person" in the photo, Slocum added. "This person is our suspect."

"Why Libby?" Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter said, notes WXIN. "Why Abby? Why Delphi? Why Carroll County?"

"We're not stopping ... someone knows who this individual is," he continued. "Libby and Abby need you. Please don't rationalize tips away."

"Nine days ago, the FBI stood shoulder-to-shoulder with you," Greg Massa of the FBI said. "We're not going anywhere."

Sources: Daily Mail, WXINIndiana State Police/YouTube / Photo credit: Liberty German/Facebook via Daily Mail

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