One in Three Women who Cheat Believe it Helps Marriage

While having an affair would end most marriages, there are a number of women who believe having an extramarital relationship can keep their marriage alive.

A new poll revealed that of those women who have affairs, 73 percent said they do it because they feel neglected by their husband. 

Women said they strayed because they were not having their emotional needs met.

"This is no surprise," Noel Biderman, founder of dating site ashleymadison.com said. "Many women lack attention and affection and it's miserable to feel lonely within your own marriage."

"The reality is that many people can't leave their partners for financial reasons and women in particular are usually reluctant to sacrifice their family life. So they are taking care of their needs outside marriage. They're stepping into male arena when it comes to infidelity."

Tracey Cox, a relationship expert, said having an affair could be a wake up call for a marriage that "jolts one or both partners into realizing just how important they are to each other."

But she said in most cases, affairs end relationships.

"I would never, ever suggest an affair as way of improving marriage because affairs break the trust bond and in most cases, it never recovers. The way to solve problems in a relationship is to talk about them and confront them before there's the temptation to play away."

Aside from not having their emotional needs met, 67 percent of women said they were unfaithful because they were unsatisfied with their sex lives.

For those women, 32 percent said having an affair boosted their sexual relationship with their husband. 

"Men typically reach their sexual peak in their 20s. For women it is later, in their 30s or 40s when they feel more comfortable with their bodies," Biderman said. 

"This discrepancy is one reason for the lack of sex that these women are feeling. Everyone wants to be desired, who can blame these women for looking elsewhere?"

Sources: Daily Mail,Live Science


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