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Teacher Blasts Back At Student's Offensive Letter With Glorious Response (Photos)

One teacher’s glorious response to a profanity-laden letter she received from a student is spreading all over the Internet after being posted on Reddit.

The letter was reportedly taped to the teacher’s door and signed, “Sincerely every Senior at MCK.” The English teacher, who apparently works at McKinley High School in an unknown location, decided that instead of being offended by the, well, offensive letter, she would correct all of the student’s mistakes.

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The unknown teacher took a red pen and went through every detail of the 101-word letter. It’s obvious that the student who wrote the letter was attempting to be funny, but his clear inability to construct a proper sentence left him wide open to corrections and ridicule.

The best part of the letter was definitely the teacher’s closing remark.

“Please use your education appropriately. Proofreading takes five minutes & keeps you from looking stupid.”

This educator deserves a huge thank you for not only saying what we’re all thinking, but also for being the coolest teacher ever.


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