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Adults Run Into Ocean To Save Boy From Drowning (Video)

Video (below) has surfaced online showing a group of people running into the ocean to rescue a young boy who was in danger of drowning.

The incident took place on an unidentified beach in Hawaii, according to the Daily Mail. When the video begins, a small child is trying to walk out of the water as waves start crashing around him.

While the boy's father is waving him in from a short distance, it becomes apparent the child is being pulled back into the ocean. Suddenly, the mood changes and people begin to shout.

As he drifts away, a woman runs out to try to save him. She is followed by the boy's father, who is unable to contend with the current. Seconds later, two other men sprint forward and manage -- after several failed attempts -- to grab the boy before he is swept away. One of the men carries the boy onto the beach.

The video was uploaded to LiveLeak on Feb. 27. It had been viewed more than 65,000 times in less than 24 hours.

One user speculated the people in the video were tourists from Korea.

"I can tell by their language that they're Korean," the user wrote. "They have little experience with the ocean and are often poor swimmers. Here in Australia a lot of Korean tourists die every year, sadly."

Sources: Daily Mail, Liveleak / Photo credit: Mhy/Pixabay

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